ABP Asmita – Breaking & Latest Gujarati News Live, Gujarati News at abpasmita.abplive.in

By | 22/08/2017

ABP Asmita – Breaking & Latest Gujarati News Live, Gujarati News official website is abpasmita.abplive.in

ABP Asmita is a Gujarati-language news channel broadcasting from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is owned by ABP Group.

The ABP News Network has launched its Gujarati news channel “ABP Asmita” for Gujarati viewers, in both India and around the world. The channel flaunts the tag line, “Khabar Amari, Pragati Tamari” and telecasts news and news related programmes 24×7. The channel has a digital platform too, at abpasmita.in.

ABP Asmita Gujarati News Channel Deatils

  • Website : http://abpasmita.abplive.in/
  • Genre : News
  • Language : Gujarati
  • Headquarters : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

ABP Asmita Gujarati News “Khabar Amari, Pragati Tamari”

News is updated expeditiously on the website www.abpasmita.in. News bulletins and various other programmes of the ABP Asmita Channel are also uploaded on the website. Viewers may view “ABP Asmita” live on the website.

ABP Asmita are using the best and latest technology to broadcast the ‘ABP Asmita’ channel, this will serve the Gujaratis in India and in every corner of the world with quality news at a lightning speed.”

Very important for people to watch the television news because the news helps people keep up with the events around the world, and the news lets people be aware of what happen in our society. I personally do not like to watch the news because I think it is a boring program, and it is a waste of time to watch its.

News channels are really a part of needs of entertainment. It is entertainment because it will fulfil the needs of the mind regarding knowledge. News channels have several benefits and they can be helpful for any class of people.

News channels are usually a main part of TV entertainment and there is no person who loves to watch TV can say that he never watches news. Also a person who lives in this world has to do something regarding gaining latest knowledge in miscellaneous fields. News is very important in any field as they make us aware of latest trends, changes and the conditions of the world.

News is Useful For All People

Students: Students are really benefitted from watching news channels. News channels fulfil their educational needs and they can be benefitted in gaining good knowledge from news channels. Students can get the latest general knowledge regarding current affairs of the nation and the world. All students can help themselves by watching news channels and getting good marks. News channel will give them good IQ which they can use in quizzes, competitions, debates and aptitude tests. In this way news channels are beneficial to students.

Teachers: Teachers can get latest knowledge which they can discuss with their students. The new topics can be held for discussion in the class and in this way the teacher can help the students as well. They will be able to know exact facts and the precise values with the help of news channels.

Employees Job Seekers: Employees Job Seekers can know about new companies and new opportunities which they can get if they have to switch from one type of job to other. New workers will get to know about companies that can take them. Employees have always to know about new acts and company status. They can be aware of strikes, government announcements regarding private sectors, recent technologies and new fields in which they can get good benefit in terms of money.

Social workers: Social workers who voluntarily do the work can know their field with the help of news channels. They can see in the news where there is the need of their helping hands. For example, if a news channel shows a place where child labour is practiced, the social workers can help out the children of that place. In this way NGOs and social workers are benefitted from news channels.

Businessmen: Businessmen can be benefited very well by the news channels. They can watch the current status of market all around the world. It will be a faster way to know the current situations as newspapers show a day before news. In this way news channel can be beneficial. For example, they can see the latest points of stock market and the value of gold, silver and the shares of different companies and their values. So it will be good for businessmen to have a careful look over news channels. Even the smallest point can change their whole business.

UPDATE NEWS : 27/09/2017

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